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    News — slate blue nubuck

    The Perfect Bag

    Just sayin'... I can't get over how much fringe makes me smile! I don't know if it's because of the memories that I have from days long ago (the 70's)... or if it's just because of the way that it moves and sways as you walk... And well, there's also the fact that I love how it feels when I run my fingers through the long and flowing extension of fringe that hangs from my all time favorite bag... The Suraya Drawstring Fringe Crossbody. Whatever it is, it just feels good! Makes me feel good and let's face it, it looks good!! Actually it looks great! Shown here in the most buttery nubuck in slate blue, it's actually the perfect bag! Check it out and see for yourself... It will put a smile on your face! Available at one of our 200 + retailers worldwide, or right here on our very own website! Enjoy! LB xoxo