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    Interior Design Services

    Residential Designs

    Berck Cozy Casual Interiors specializes in helping you create your dream living space. From the floors to ceilings and everything in between, we can make your house truly become your home.

    Commercial Designs

    Berck Cozy Casual Interiors can transform ordinary office spaces for corporations and small businesses into timeless, welcoming and comfortable workspace environments.

    Staging Services

    Berck Cozy Casual Interiors can help you enhance the value of any living space that needs a temporary boost of "feeling" or "emotion" to make sure it is being experienced at its maximum potential. Berck Cozy Casual Interiors staging service is a bit different than most… Our method of staging, requires the client to purchase all of the furnishings and accessories for the staging project.

    Our staging clients have two options:

    1) The furnishings are sold with the home

    2) The furnishings are moved with the client to beautify their new home


    Virtual Design Service

    Berck Cozy Casual Interiors can transform your space with your help!! If you're a DIYer... We've got you covered!! Is your space outside of the full service coverage area? We've got you covered! Check out the benefits of our virtual service... Our package is unlike any other E-Design service! Click here to check out our virtual design service options!



    Comprehensive Full-Service Design

    Sit back and relax with our comprehensive full-service design option... We take the stress off of you by curating unique pieces to bring your design dreams to life through our hands on approach... All while being mindful of your time and budget! We take your space to a whole new level... Looking like straight out of a magazine, and yet a home that feels lived in!  Click here for more information on this service!


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